Capacity and Classes :


The planned strength of the School is 540 students. The School has classes from VI to XII.

Subject :

The medium of instruction is English. Subjects taught are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, Computer Science and General Studies including work experience and Art & Crafts etc as per the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. System of Uniform Assesment prescribed by CBSE has been fully implemented in the School. The concept, objectives and nature of syllabus may be changed at the behest of CBSE/Sainik Schools society.


Library and Reading Room :


The school has a well stocked library with a reading room and Internet facility to cater for the varied interests of the students. The school prescriber to a large variety of educational magazine and journals.

Audio Visual Aid Centre and TV :


The School has well equipped Audio & Visual aids labs. Though every hostel is provided with a colour TV set, only limited TV exposure is given to the boys. Movies, major and important telecasts are occasionally arranged centrally in Manekshaw Auditorium of the School.

Text Books & Stationary :


Text books and stationary items required by the students during the academic year are normally provided to the students by the School.

Co-curricular Activities :


While greater emphasis is laid on the academic progress of the boys, the School provides ample scope for development of their creative faculties, skills, public speaking by way of organising quiz, debate, declamation, lecturette etc. The boys are encouraged to take an active interest in all these activities. Every cadet is encouraged to speak extempore duing central assembly and House Assemblies throughout the week.

Clubs and Societies :


Every boy is encouraged to join at least one club / society as per his aptitude and liking. The Clubs and Societies to pursue hobbies and interests of the cadets are as follows :-



(a) Archery   (g) Music Club
(b) Art and Crafts   (h) Nature Club
(c) Band & Orchestra   (i) Photography
(d) Cyber Club   (j) Shooting
(e) Gymnastic   (k) Science and Technology
(f) Literary Society   (i) Mathematics Club


Educational Tours, Hikes and Excursions :


The School also arranges educational tours every year under escort to places of military, historical and educational interest as a regular feature of cadets training. Ample opportunities are provided for senior boys to go on hikes, mountaineering and organised outdoor excursions during the course of their stay at the School.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) :


All cadets from classes VII to X become cadets of the Junior Division of the NCC. Senior Division NCC is compulsory for the boys of classes XI & XII. The senior cadets attend Annual Training Camps and Special Summer Camps for rock climbing, advanced leadership and adventure courses, and National Integration Camps whenever organised under the aegis of NCC Directorate. The cadets get A & B certificates of NCC on successful completion of the training and examination .

Games, Gymnasium and Swimming Pool :


The school provides facilities for major games like Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Cricket and Hockey. The School has a well equipped Gymnasium and a Swinming pool (under repair). In the interim, swimming facility is locally arranged through Municipal Corporation, Rewa. Coaching classes are conducted by qualified Physical Training instructions deputed from Indian Army. Most of the major. Indoor games like TT, Chess, Carrom etc. are also available. Physical Training and Cross Country Run are given importance. P.T. is compulsory and all Students take part in regular physical training which includes cross country runs and obstacle course.


Shooting Range :


Cadets of classes VIII to XII practice 0.22 bore rifle shooting as part of their NCC training activities. School has a 0.177 bore Air Rifle, Pistol shooting range to encourage students to participate in this sport.

Obstacle Course :


The School has two obstacle courses to test and improve cadets' courage, physical endurance and agility.

Auditorium :


The school has its own auditorium named Manekshaw Auditorium, where morning assembly, movies, important school functions and other activities are conducted. The auditorium is equipped with latest audio system ans and stage lights.


Vacation :


A vacation of total 70 days are given during an academic session in the form of summer vacations during the months of May & June and winter vacation from Dec end to early January.

School turns Smart:

All the classes have been converted into smart class using the latest available technology. The modern technology would assist the students in better understanding through the use of audio and visual aids.

Maj Ashish Dubey, Sena Medal Gymnasium :

School Gymnasium was inaugurated and dedicated to Major Ashish Dubey, Sena Medal , an ex student of school who sacrificed his life for the nation.

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